Innovative architecture with textiles

A free space for everyone

Founded by German textile artist Karina Siegmund, INA Norway is a company established to apply innovative textile art in architecture and social environments. By making art widely distributed and readily available, INA Norway strives to provide a free space for everyone - a mental space where a person can get a break. Just like in nature.

We are located on the spectacular Stad Peninsula, surrounded and inspired by the raw nature of the Norwegian west coast. Our projects take us many places.


INA Norway collaborates with architects, engineers, buyers, designers and other artists. Coming from a long tradition of weaving, we represent progressive, contemporary interpretations of the craft. In our work we use both analog techniques as well as digital. We supply strong material and surface knowledge and innovative applications of new media. INA Norway covers matters like concept, prototyping, lighting/shading, sound/accoustics, texture/tactility and environmental impact.

In each project we focus on how to contribute to the overall purpose, respectful of how all combined efforts make the total experience.

“15 years ago I was weaving for the very first time. I was heading to a metal scrap yard in Berlin, collecting beautiful metal stripes, that later created my first spatial architecture weaving models. I studied textile design at a small design university, Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee, following the educational design and art principles of Bauhaus. Walking the path of curiosity, I focused on materials, combining surface- and textile design with architecture and product design courses. In general, textile industry is one of the most challenging industries for our environment and corporate social issues. I strive to find new ways by exploring, learning and re-questioning established and rigid patterns - with the aim to change the game.”

// Karina Siegmund

Siegmund received the International Talent Award within Young Emerging Textile Designers/-Artists in 2012, and has exhibited her work at international exhibitions. She has given talks in Milan, Oslo and London about her passion for weaving, architecture, materials and art.

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